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Basic facts about Moldova
Name of the Country / Capital: Republic of Moldova / Chisinau
Population: 3,619,925 - 2012 estimate
Area: 33,851
Currency and Exchange Rate: US$ 1 = Moldovan Leu (MDL) 12.35 - 2013
Language: Romanian (in Latin script); Russian (in Cyrillic script)
Time: IST -2 ½ hrs (summer) | IST -3 ½ hrs (winter)
President: H.E. Mr. Nicolae Timofti
Prime Minister: H.E. Mr. Iurie Leanca

Moldova is predominantly agricultural.
Wheat, corn, barley, tobacco, sugar beet, and soybeans are the main crops.
Cattle are raised for meat and dairy and beekeeping is widespread.
Moldova wine from its central and southern regions is of excellent quality.
Moldova is also known for its sunflower seeds, walnuts, apples, and other fruits.
The IMF has signed an agreement in 2010 for a development financing programme for approximately $574m.
A Consultative Group for support to Moldova’s reform has been set up in Brussels.
GDP (PPP): $12.36 billion - 2012 estimate
Global Trade: $7.374 billion - 2012 estimate
Imports: $5.213 billion - 2012 estimate
Exports: $2.161 billion - 2012 estimate

India-Moldova Relations
India recognized Moldova on December 28, 1991 and diplomatic relations were established on March 20, 1992.
India-Moldova relations are friendly and cordial.
India and Moldova co-operate on matters of mutual interest at multilateral fora.
Moldova at present accredits its Ambassador in Baku, Azerbaijan, concurrently to India.
India accredits its Ambassador in Romania to Moldova.
India-Moldova Foreign Office Consultations has been instituted and one session was held in January 2003 in Chisinau.

Bilateral Trade and Investments
Bilateral trade between India and Moldova though small, has shown incremental increases in the past few years.
In 2011-12 Bilateral trade amounted to US$8.0mn (Indian exports US$ 7.50; imports US$ 0.5 mn).
Principal export commodities were pharmaceuticals, food products, beverages and tobacco, vegetal products, textiles and machines.
Principal import items were mineral products, chemical and related industrial products, auxiliary equipment and their parts.
Indian experience in IT and traditional medicine has attracted attention in Moldova which is keen on Indian investment.
There have been visits by commercial delegations from either side with the Moldovan Chamber of Commerce and Industry visiting India.
A Pharmexcil delegation visited Moldova during December 5-7, 2012.
In addition to buyer-seller meet, the delegation met the Drug Agency Staff of Moldova where the Indian delegation received information regarding legal and technical aspects for entering the Moldovan drug market.

ITEC and other exchanges
Moldova has significantly increased its utilization of ITEC slots and 15 slots have been allotted for 2012-13.
Moldovan citizens have utilized a variety of courses under ITEC programme, especially those in audit and IT environment.

Indian Community
The Indian community in Moldova numbers about 25.
They were mostly medical students in the Medical University in Chisinau.
A cultural association of Indians in Moldova was formed since 2001 and is active in social and commercial activities and in touch with the Embassy