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All Indian students studying in Romania, Albania and Moldova are requested to send the following document/details to the Embassy for our records-

  1. copy of their Indian Passport (First and last page)

  2. Legal guardian’s name

  3. Email ID

  4. AADHAAR Card No.

  5. Complete address in India

  6. Contact number in India

  7. Complete address in abroad

  8. Contact number in abroad

  9. Two references abroad and their complete addresses

  10. Two Contact details in India in case of Emergency (name, relationship with them email ID, Phone Numberand their complete addresses)

  11. Course details (name of Course, duration, name of College/University, Address, last Educational Institution attended in India, Fee (in Rs.), Fee Type, Whether the course is part of any exchange program/scholarship, details of Student Visa (Visa number, visa valid till date

  12. Insurance details

  13. Any other remarks